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«Dear Yevgeny: Investors Property Management Groups as a company, and Meg, Susan, Sherril and I individually, would like to thank you for the wonderful job you have done, and continue to do, as our Yoga Instructor.

   We are very pleased with all you have taught us about both physical and mental health. The education you have provided not only on the different Yoga positions and general health, but also concerning various physical problems we each experience, has been invaluable. Your Yoga Encyclopedua is especially helpful in assisting us with different «maladies» and their treatment under Yoga principles. We all greatly appreciate the end results of your labors with us, and the transformation we have each personally experienced as a result of your instruction. Each of us with our physical problems presented challenges that you met and overcame. You went the extra mile to meet our expectations and requests, and to insure that all of us would benefit from our time with you. Each of us has seen physical improvements since we started classes with you over one and one-half years ago and for this we are forever grateful.

   Also, your patience with our questions and concerns, and the sympathetic understanding of our individual limitations, make classes with you a pleasure. We appreciate how professional you are in your instructions and suggestions and value the personal attention you give to each of us. We also greatly appreciate the fact that while you are able to do the most difficult of Yoga postures, you show us alternate ways to achieve the position that are within our capabilities. Because of your professionalism, understanding, and helpfulness we would be happy to recommend you to anyone requiring the same services.

   Again, we thank you for the teachings you perform as out Yoga Instructor and we all look forward to our continuing and future classes with you.



Janice Hoople, V.P./Property Manager, Oceanside, CA»


“Yevgeny established the 1st union of independent Russian entrepreneurs and private educational center in Moscow. In the first free election in Russia, he ran as an independent, non-party candidate, competing with several communist and nationalist candidates, and won over all competitors in two elections: for Moscow Duma and Sebastopol District Council. Then, in the first democratic Moscow City Council, he was elected as Chairman of the Foreign Economic Activity Subcommittee and became advisor to the Mayor of Moscow. During this time he received a medal from the Afghanistan President for successful peace-making and trade agreement negotiation. The Mayor of Houston, TX invited him to come and discuss the opportunities for Russian-American cooperation.”                                                                                 Hilltop Highlights, Oceanside, CA


“I would like to tell you that I am very thankful for meeting you. I met you when I had a crisis in my life at all directions and meeting with and participating in Club “ASYA” helped me changed my attitude to my problems from negative to positive and a Hope that everything will be OK with me and my family. And I am seeing right now a lot of positive changes in my life. Thank you so much to you. Sincerely!” 

        Nadia Galasheva, Poway, CA


“Hi Yevgeny! Thanks for the updated copy of the Encyclo-pedia.”                                         Alice Nolan, Oceanside, CA


“It’s my pleasure to tell you how much your efforts are appreciated. Hundreds of conversations you've had are making this program a success. It’s great to bring it to new cities around the country and hold out San Diego as an example. Your work is what allowed Greenpeace to obtain more than 13 million votes from BP/Amoco shareholders to divest of new oil exploration on the Arctic, and to reinvest in clean solar power. This historic vote made news around the world, as a first of it’s kind.”                   

   Bryan Wentzell, Greenpeace DD Coordinator


“From all advertising annotations which I have seen, your advertisements and the entire tone of your newspaper are distinguished with intelligence and truthfulness realness.”

                     Ivan Menzherinsky, New York Television


“At the International Business Convention leaders of 36 companies expressed their wish to cooperate with ASYA. Special interest was aroused by a report from its President…”                                       Asahi Sinbun, Japan


“Yevgeny, we got your Encyclopedia and are very impressed with how beautiful and gorgeous it is, and how easy and comfortable it is to to use it. It should be very useful. Thank you!”                          Janice Hoople, Oceanside, CA


“Because of ASYA's close cooperation with National Corporation Uzbekneftegaz and its partners ENRON, TEXACO, UNOCAL, etc., our presentation in Houston was delivered with the highest level. We are sure, in the future our cooperation will be expanded.” 

Kh.Zhumaev, Deputy Minister of Uzbekistan Oil & Gas National Industry


“For many years as a volunteer at the Educational Center “ASYA” that he had established, Yevgeny has been teaching ordinary young people of all ages.”

                  Academician S.S.Lappo, Director of Shirshov

 Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science


International Education Center “ASYA” continues its activity: Japanese and Chinese Languages, Ikebana, Yoga, Tai-chi, Judo, Young Sailors Club, etc. Students are welcomed to make diplomas there.” 

Leisure in Moscow, Russia


“Thank you, I am so pleased to have this book as a reference. I started my day with the parts of the program that we covered yesterday. I look forward to continuing whenever I can make it to class. Thank you Namaste.”                                                          Linda Case, Oceanside, CA


“Thank you very much Yevgeny!”                                                                                    Meg Peterson, Oceanside, CA


“Dear ASYA! Thank's for sending information… I can't wait when I can join your Club! Hope soon! With my respect, new 'American' from Sebastopol (Crimea) with Russian Soul.                                                           Natalya


“Hi, Zhenya, and I'll vote with both hands for preventive medicine. I like this idea!”                                       

    Svetlana Kapshaninova, Carlsbad, CA


“Thanks for a good class!”        Alice Nolan, Oceansied, CA


“I just finished to talk with you and again would like to tell you how I am thankful to you…”

                                         Nadia Galasheva, Poway, CA


“Thank you very much. Honestly, you impressed me greatly. I can open the mail only at work, what I actually do at the moment, and now looking forward when I come back to share the Info, you've mailed me with my husband. You really make my relocating to San Diego special. I do want to think what can be done with the book. God Bless.”                                                                                Tanya Posternak


“Hi! I received your information. It looks for me very good. I see this "ASYA" Cross-Cultural Club is even better than was in Houston!                                  Vadim Maller, NY, NY


“Dear ASYA, I have heard many time that you are helping people to get job. What kind of job is available at the moment? I have an Associate Degree in Business Administration, 10 years experience. For the last 4 years I have lived in Michigan. I will greatly appreciate your support in my job search. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tanya.”


“Dr. Yevgeny, we thank you for help in reaching Houston community through your newspaper”                   Revels, TX


“Dear Dr. Yevgeny! Moscow Business Travel service asks for your consulting and help to organize business meeting for New York’s municipal authotities, business and financial groups with vice Mayor of Moscow Mr. S.B. Stankevich.”

Stephan Meller, President. 150 Central Park South, NY. NY 


“This will serve to express our gratitude to «ASYA» for professional services rendered. Your expertise in developing a marketing strategy and trouble-shooting management processes of our business have contributed to a significant turnaround in our operations.”               

Lana Kislyuk, Owner, Best Taste of Europe, Houston, TX


“Congratulations! You have done an incredible job, providing the resources that will sustain critical environmental work well into the future.”                               

Bryan Wentzell, Greenpeace DD Coordinator


“We are very impressed with the professionalism of your organization and the degree of professionalism in which you conduct it.”                        Duane Manning, San Antonio, TX


“We are interested in discussing your concept on a nonconfi-dential basis.”                    EXXON Production Research Co.


“Yevgeny! I really enjoyed meeting you this last weekend in Houston. I found your insights both interesting and illuminating. I trust our paths will cross again in the not too distant future.” Jose Lopez”                  02.05.03, Houston, TX


“I believe in the success with Yevgeny”.

Academician S.S.Lappo, Director of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow


“Group promotes good relations and understanding between Russia and America.”                         Houston Chronicle, TX


“Society for Intercultural Education Training & Research extends our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Markevich for directing annual Workshop: “Cultural Strategies for Successful Business.”                           Nancy Dean, President, Houston, TX


”Best wishes to you and continuing success for the Russian-American cooperation!”                   Jim Newman, NASA, TX


“ASYA deepens traditional and develops new forms of international cooperation.”                Sovyet Sakhalin, Russia


“For those interested in maintaining good relations between Russia and America, an association located in the Memorial area (“ASYA”) might be just the ticket.”                                

Houston Chronicle, TX


“ASYA branches' door in Baltic is open and services are great!”                                             Evening Tallinn, Estonia


“There are more than 100 members in ASYA including Academy of Science, Universities, Business Associations, etc. Their main target – promotion of international cooperation.”                                           Moscow Evening News


“It’s looks interesting and very promising too.”                                                              Arieanna Janet, Escondido, CA


“I am excited about your project. I hope you are doing well.”                                        Elena Andreeva, San Diego, CA


“ASYA carries out great membership services concerned with international relations, mediation and practical help in establishing cross-cultural contacts.”                                                                                              Glory of Sebastopol, Crimea


”We are glad that you and your friends still care about our needs and problems. Your help was very timely! It's pity you were not here to hear the words of thanks to you and your associates for your heartfelt goodness and  remembering us. In the names of 18,500 invalids, Irina Popovets.”         

                  Russian Society of Invalids. Moscow


“«ASYA» buys food from farmers and delivers it to people who hunger. The Farmer with ASYA help can buy farming equipment in America at the best prices and get another assistance.”                 Komsomolskaya Pravda, Moscow


“All of us at the Zoological Society of San Diego are truly grateful for your support. Thank you so very much.”                                                Joan Embery, Goodwill Ambassador,

       Zoological Society of San Diego, CA


“Papers in several countries wrote about ASYA’s success in charity and environment protection.”                                                                              “Yevpatoriya Health Resort”,Ukraine


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