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"ASYA is a unique cross-cultural union with great membership benefits. Papers in several countries wrote about its success in charity and environment protection, including promotion of solar power instead of dangerous drilling in Arctic." Yevpatoriiskaya Zdravnica, Ukraine, 7.29.00

"Dear Yevgeny! It's my pleasure to tell you how much your efforts with the Greenpeace are appreciated. Your hard work and dedication day after day and the hundreds of conversations you've had are making its program a success. It's great to bring the program to new cities around the country and hold out San Diego as an example. Your work is what allowed Greenpeace to obtain more than 13 million votes from BP/Amoco shareholders to divest of new oil exploration on the Arctic, and to reinvest in clean solar power. This historic vote made news around the world, as a first of it's kind. Your work is also allowing Greenpeace to launch its GMO campaign across the country to tell consumers about the possible danger of genetically engineered food to humans and the environment." B.W., Greenpeace Coordinator, 5.10.00

"Dear Yevgeny! Congratulations! You and the San Diego Greenpeace team have done an incredible job. Thanks again for your hard work. I know from experience how difficult it can sometimes be to talk to so many people, and put so much of your self into each and every conversation, providing the resources that will sustain critical environmental work well into the future. Keep up the good work."
   Bryan Wentzell, Greenpeace Coordinator, 4.13.00

"One of the reasons I believe in the success with Yevgeny is my 35 years experience with him. At one critical time, in fact, we have been drifting together in a small lifeboat in the middle of the Indian Ocean for several days and nights. For many years afterward, as a volunteer at the Educational Center that he had established, he has been teaching oceanography and the Japanese language to ordinary young people of all ages."                Academician, Professor S.Lappo, Director of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science, 9.22.99  

"He published about 100 articles, participated in unique ocean expeditions, established the first union of independent Russian entrepreneurs and a private educational center. In the first free election in Russia, he ran as an independent, non-party candidate, competing with several communists and nationalists and won over all competitors in two elections. In the first democratic Moscow City Council, he was elected as Chairman of the Foreign Economic Activity Sub-committee and became advisor to the Mayor of Moscow. He received a medal from the Afghanistan President for successful peace-making negotiation. The Mayor of Houston, TX invited him to come and discuss the opportunities for Russian-American cooperation."                                            Hilltop Highlights, Oceanside, CA, March 2000

"Society for Intercultural Education Training & Research extends our heartfelt thanks to you for directing annual Workshop: "Cultural Strategies for Successful Business."                                                  Nancy Dean, President, 4.19.97

"Because of the close cooperation of your Association with National Corporation Uzbekneftegaz and its partners, our presentation in Houston was delivered with the highest level. We are sure, in the future our cooperation will be expanded."      Deputy Minister of Uzbekistan
Oil & Gas National Industry

"Group promotes good relations and understanding between the countries." Houston Chronicle, TX, 7.19.95

"This will serve to express our gratitude to you for professional services rendered. Your expertise in developing a marketing strategy and trouble-shooting management processes of our business have contributed to a significant turnaround in our operations."
            S. Kislyuk, Owner, Best Taste of Europe, Houston, TX

"At the International Business Convention leaders of 36 companies expressed their wish to cooperate with ASYA. Special interest was aroused by a report from ASYA President"                                              Asahi Sinbun, Japan, 9.12.90

"From all advertising annotations which I have seen, your advertisements and the entire tone of your newspaper are distinguished with intelligence and truthfulness realness."                                             Ivan Menzherinsky, New York Television, NY

"Dear Yevgeny, we thank you for help in reaching Houston community through your newspaper" Revels, 12.17.94

"We are very impressed with the professionalism of your organization and the degree of professionalism in which you conduct it."                                                                    Duane Manning, San Antonio, TX, 1.19.98

"ASYA buys food from farmers and delivers it to people who hunger. The Farmer with ASYA help can buy far-ming equipment in America at the best prices and get another assistance."                                      Komsomolskaya Pravda, Moscow, 2.25.92

"There are more than 100 members in ASYA including Academy of Science, University, Business Associations, etc. Their main target - promotion of international cooperation."                                                Moscow Evening News, August 1989

"ASYA branches' door in Baltic is open and services are great!"                                  Evening Tallinn, Estonia, 7.16.89

"ASYA carries out great membership services concerned with international relations, mediation and practical help in establishing cross-cultural contacts."                                                                               Glory of Sebastopol, Crimea, 8.31.88

"ASYA deepens traditional and develops new forms of international cooperation."      Sovyet Sakhalin, 8.7.88

"International Education Center ASYA continues its activity: Japanese and Chinese Languages, Ikebana, Yoga, Tai-chi, Judo and Young Sailors Club. Students are welcomed to make their diplomas there."                                     Leisure in Moscow, 11.29.1986