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As our Ancestors looked at the Sun
As a Buddhist looks at the Lotus
As a Christian looks at the Icon
As an Artist looks at the Flower

As I look at You, my Beloved
And this is my Fortune, and my daily Happiness!
* * *

The Love between Concepcion Arguello, the woman who waited forever, and Nikolai Rezanov (Ruskaya America Magazine, No. 21, Vol. 33, Dec. 1993), was one of the first cross-ocean loves between Russia and America, and one of the first romantic stories of Ruskaya America. We would like to use this couple for our Trans Ocean Cultural Exchange supplement, as of course, Love and ultimately marriage, would be the epitome of a successful relationship, and we believe that international marriages are the best way for cross-cultural exchange and understanding! Today, we have many successful and happy, Russian-American marriages, and… many of them were made with assistance of ASYA. In addition, we hope that anuone who would like to get to know people from abroad, be it simply for language assistance, friendship and companionship, domestic or business related assistance, or even just for a 'pen-pal', will feel free and comfortable to place their announcements in the Trans Ocean Exchange!
For these reason, and because of the numerous requests of our readers, we are beginning this supplemental page in our publication, to continue assisting good people to find each other.
Please not that where a contact is not given in an announcement, responses should be e-mailed to, Attn. # …… (corresponding individual reference number of announcement). ASYA shall forward letters to their corresponding announcers, who may then feel free to supply their responders with direct contact information at their own discretion.
                                             Taya Shevyakina, Page Editor

#1. I am looking for a Miss Ruskaya America & Euro-Asia under 25, who would like to live in the U.S. and Europe, and give our 3+ children a best European and Cross-Cultural Education. My hobby: scuba diving, travel, karate and dancing.

#2. I am 52 female, speak Russian and English fluently. Profession - English teacher. Presently, I am co-owner or a Russian-American Joint Venture. I have a business like character and am very athletic. Hobbies are sports and travel. Seeking respectable man with financial stability for carring relationship/marriage.
* * *
Russkiy magazin v San-Diego «Klub 13-i stul»: knigi, filmy (prokat i prodazha), audiokassety, kompakt-diski. 6080 Lake Murray Blvd. Suite C, La Mesa, CA 91942. Telefon: (619) 668-2936

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Best Western Marty's Valley Inn. 3240 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 800-747 3529
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Investment. Yelena Tkach 277 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. S L, San Marcos 760-744 5034, 877-281 8315

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"FACE  TO  FACE  WITH  JESUS" Virgil Hurley, Author 760-433 6436 $14.95

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Chtoby pomoch prodolzhit etu, ili lyubuyu druguyu stranicu ASYA.CCCP i zarabotat, zvonite: (760) 754-2515, ilil e-mail:

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