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МАРКЕВИЧ Евгений Борисович

Yevgeny MARKEVICH is certified International Yoga Teacher and Health Educator with 40 years experience in Yoga and Natural Health. He received his first instructions in India and Sri Lanka, then studied from the first Russian Yoga Teachers certified in India. In 1970 and 1972-73, he studied and taught Yoga in Japan. Then had 15 years 'underground experience,' as teaching Yoga in his country was illegal at that time. In 1988, Dr. Markevich found International Educational Center ĞASYAğ in Moscow, where people studied Natural Health, Yoga, Tai-Chi, etc. He speaks Russian, English and Japanese; has lived and worked in 30 countries, and has more than 30 references from around the world: NY, CA, TX, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, etc. In March 2003, he received a Certificate of Appreciation for his service as Yoga Instructor in Oceanside Community Association (South California, USA). His Guru - Mataji Indra Devi. (См. Индра Дэви)

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