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Sit down in the Lotus Pose, or else cross-legged, close the eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then sit very still, trying to direct your thoughts to the Infinite Light which is God, Truth, Love, and is beyond form, beyond our understanding. Try to realize that It is everywhere, both outside you and within you; that you, as the human being are the carrier of the Divine Light here on earth, that it dwells in your heart, that your body is the Temple of the Living Spirit, and that you should let this Spirit shine through your eyes, speak through your words, be felt through your deeds.
     Then send a thought of peace and love to all those around you, to your family, your friends, those whome you love, those whom you don't love, to all living beings on this earth and beyond.
     At the end you can say aloud:
From the unreal to the real,
From the darkness to Light,
From death to Immortality
Shanti, shanti, shanti.
OM is the sacred sound of the Hindus, and Shanti means peace in Sanskrit. You may also say any other prayer, or use your own wording - this is up to you. But we suggest that at least once a day you remind yourself that you are of divine origin and that you are on this earth to bring love, peace and goodness to all living creatures.

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