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   Doctors agree that hGH (somatotropin or human growth hormone) is responsible to the aging process, and pituitary gland (gipofiz) is responsible for manufacturing hGH in our body.

   That’s right. But doctors then offer you expensive injections or some kind of ‘miracle’ medicine, instead of show you ways for natural manufacturing hGH.


Pituitary produces hGH at night, during first hours of our deep sleeping.

Headstand affects the pituitary, the master gland of the body, one of two our most vital glands, both located in cranium. Pituitary regulates the activities of all other endocrine glands (or glands of internal secretions). Although very small in size – no larger than a green pea – the pituitary is nevertheless of paramount importance to our well being. As many as twelve various hormones are known to be manufactured inside it, and hGH – one of them. In addition to slowing down aging process pituitary gland has great capacity to mobilize the body’s defense forces again ANY kind of invaders.

   You have to be alert to the fact that most of our diseases are not due to the toxins of virus or bacteria as such, but to the stressors that, offsetting the normal activity of the pituitary gland, throw it off balance, and thus lower our resistance to illness and our longevity. 

Because the worst offenders are the psychic stressors which produce emotional upsets, a high-strung, intellectual person is more subject to them than a less sensitive individual. And, what we often blame on our nerves should actually be blamed on our glands. 

This is a secret of relaxation and youth: Never hate or even opposite anyone. Treat people as if they were flowers and you will have a happy long life.

The practice of the Headstand has a direct influence on the functions of the pituitary gland which regulates our entire weel-being.

When you stand upside down, a larger amount of blood – blood which you can enriched through deep breathing – begins to flow to the head, and thus carries an extra supply of energy to this gland. 

   Deep breathing can work wonders on aging bodies. Rhythmic breathing and relaxation exercises enable us to overcome muscular tension and mental strain which also adversely affect the hormonal secretion of pituitary gland.

   Thus you can see how Yoga can restore the normal working order of our entire organism, and why relaxation of body and mind go hand in hand with health, youth, happiness and a long life.

   As man begins to advance in years, his life forces begin to slacken and he comes closer to the influence of the mineralizing earth forces. The cells of his body become ;ess elastic, losing their ability to absorb oxygen the way they did before. Hence the body begins to shrivel, or else grows fatter and stiffer, and the organism is less capable of coping with all the work and the emergencies we expose it to.

   A sufficient amount of oxygen is simply a must to prevent physical and mental deterioration and the kind of old age most people are afraid of – an old age that is reckoned not so much by the number of years one has lived as by deterioration of the functioning of the body’s organism and of one’s mental faculties. But so long as a human being does not know how to control his breath, he cannot ever expect to become master of his body or his mind – he will always remain their slave. Even a common cold, for example, can turn an otherwise brave, fiery, cocky man into a pitiful creature like a chiken on a rainy day.

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