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Angular balance pose
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   T e c h n i q u e . Sit up straight with knees bent, keeping the feet sole to sole. Hook index and third fingers around the big toes. Take a deep breath. On exhalation raise the feet off the floor and start very slowly stretching them sideways until both knees and elbows are completely straight. Do not slant the body: it should rest balanced on the lower part of the spine, or coccyx.

   Remain motionless in this position for about 10 seconds, breathing deeply. Then, still holding on to your toes, give the body a little jolt backwards. You will find yourself in the Angular-Rest Position.

   T i m e . Keep this pose for about 10 seconds, careful to remain steady. Repeat several times, changing over from one position to the other and back without letting go of the toes.

   In the beginning, you will find it difficult to hold yourself steady in either of the two postures, for as soon as you assume the sitting position you will be pulled back to the floor, while when trying to get into the Angular-Rest Position you will be pulled up again. In order to keep the body balanced in this pose, pick out a specific point on the floor, or anywhere in front of you, and gaze at it steadily.


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